Pei Wei Asian Diner

Miami, Florida


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The food here isn't particularly spectacular but it's cheap, comes in big portions, and they offer way more vegan options than any other place I found in Kendall. I especially like that the cashier always asks if you're vegetarian, which then informs the cooks so they know to not add any meat sauce/condiment/other.

I went with the Japanese Chili Ramen, which sounded very exotic and delicious, but it tasted like generic Asian food. It had rice noodles, tofu, veggies, and an unidentifiable chili sauce. I didn't find it particularly flavorful or spicy but it was better once I added Siracha and soy sauce. I will say that I was pretty impressed with the tofu. I was expecting your usual tofu, either soft or firm, sauteed or fried, but this stuff was thinly sliced and tasted like it was smoked and baked. Yum.

My friend ordered the orange tofu with rice and that was pretty good, but again, not heavily seasoned and not a particularly strong orange flavor. We split the vegetable spring rolls, which were good, but were really small to be $2 each.

Considering how cheap the food was and how vegan-friendly it is, I would definitely go here again.

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