Spice Thai Cuisine

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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Decent amount of veg-friendly food on their menu. Service was good and food was tasty.

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They have a large menu and most of it can easily be made vegan by choosing the tofu or mock duck options. I informed the waiter I was vegan and he made sure all my food was prepared that way. He was very nice and accomodating. They also let you pick your level of spice for the foods. I'd really reccomend the spring rolls made with tofu as a great appetizer.

Note- They offer a great lunch menu with smaller portions. One option is Pad Thai, and I didn't know it had eggs in it. Even though I asked for it with no meat, dairy etc., it still came with eggs. They quickly made me a new one and it was great, but just be sure to say "no eggs" so they know for sure.

This restaurant is not very far from Burnsville Center if you are in that area. It's just west on 42 about 2-3 miles.

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I love Spice. The food is great and there is so much to choose from.

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Good food. The curries are not vegan, as they have fish sauce. Service was good, ambience was pleasant.

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