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A Truly Authentic Indian Restaurant

Restaurant, Grocery/Bakery/Deli

Little India is a tiny, 100% Vegetarian restaurant, inside an Indian grocery store; featuring bona fide authentic Indian cuisine. Which means this food is not Americanized Indian food; as it tends to be very spicy and has numerous deep-fried choices. And if that's what you're looking for then this is the place for you! Note, however, that this restaurant is contained within in a small grocery store, and hence, the actual restaurant part is extremely tiny. So, oftentimes, there is no place to sit. (For those seeking a place to sit, when no seats are avaiable at Little India, or a more-Americanized version of Indian food, the restaurant Chutney's is just around the corner facing McClintock Dr.)

>Pani-Puri/Gol-Gappa/Pochka - Six (6) round puffed up Gol-Gappa with yellow peas, potatoes & spices; and special spiced pani with mint. (With Pani)
>Pochka/Gol-Gappa Chaat - Six (6) Puri/Gol-Gappa served with yellow peas, potatoes, yogurt, imli & Cilantro chatnee with spices. (No Pani)
>Papri Chaat - Flat Puri/Gol-Gappa/Pochka with loads of toppings, yogurt, Imli & Cilantro Chatnee, and Spices.
>Khasta Kachori Chaat - Big Khasta Kachori served with loads & loads of toppings, Chatnees & spices.
>Chole Bhature - 2 Bhature, fried puffed up bread, served with spicy Chole/Garbanjo beans & pickles. A Punjab delight. Extra Bhature
>Bada Paav - Bada Paav sandwitched between 2 grilled Paavs served with our special garlic, tamrind & cilantro chatnee.
>Paav-Bhaji - 2 lightly buttered & griled Paavs served with spiced cooked vegetables.
Extra Paavs $1.00
>Bhel-Puri - A Bombay delight.
>Aloo Tikki Chaat - Two (2) stuffed stir fried Potatoe patties served with toppings, spices and Chatnees.
>Samosa Chaat - Triangular deep fried vegetable patty served with kabli matar or choley, and chatnee.
>Dahi Bada/Vada Chaat - Two (2) Moong Bada served with yogurt, spices & chatnee.
>Mixed Chaat - Papri, Kachori, Bada, potato and loads of toppings & Chatnee.

>Special #1 - Vegi Rice Pulao, 1 Bhatura, Matar Paneer, & Pickle
>Special #2: Vegi Rice Pulao, 2 Chapati, Curry of the day, Yogurt, & Pickle
Paratha (Aloo) (Gobi) (Mulee) (Methi) (Plain) Grilled stuffed Parathas (2) served with yogurt & pickles.
Add Chole or Bhaji $1.75 extra.

>Chapati/Roti - Chapati or Roti (3) (buttered or no butter) served with yogurt & pickles.
>Dhokla - 2 pieces with Chatnee
>Veg Rice Pulao
>Samosa/Kachori (Each piece)

>Mango Shake
>Dahi Ki Lassi - Yogurt Shake (Sweet) / (Salted)
>Lemonade (Regular) (Spiced with Chaat Masaala)
>Desi Coffee
>Spiced Tea (Hot) / (Cold) Spiced with cardomom & cloves

Sweet Stuff
>Badaam Ka Halva (Made with almonds, whole wheat flour, butter & sugar)
>Badaam Ki Burfi/Katli (Made with Almonds & sugar, and decorated with edible silver)
>Badam & Khoa Burfi (Made with milk khoa, Almonds & sugar, and decorated with silver
>Besan Ka Laddoo (Made with gram flour, butter, sugar & nuts
>Bundiya/Bundi Ka Laddoo (A very traditional Indian sweet. Bundiya rolled in a round shape)
>Bundiya/Bundi (Made with Gram flour deep fried in oil, and mixed in with thick sugar syup)
>Gaajar ka Halva (Made with carrots, sugar & milk. Garnished with almond & cardomon)
>Gulab Jamun (This sweet is made with Chenna & Khoa in a sugar syrup)
>Kheer (Made with whole milk, rice and sugar. Garnished with almonds,cardomon
and safron)
>Raaj (Bhog Sweet made for the kings. Home made cheese stuffed with safron, cardamon and pistachiu in sugar syrup)
>Ras Malaii (A delicacy. Freshly made cheese balls in sweet milk, with pistachiu,
almonds and safron)
>Rasgullah (Most popular sweet in India. Home made cheese in a light sugar syrup and
>Shreekhand (Made with Milk/Yogurt, sugar, saffron, cadomon and pistachio)

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Located in the strip mall on the SE corner of Baseline Rd and McClintock (just north of US 60) and just west of Loop 101).


$$ - average


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11am - 8pm
11am - 9:30pm
11am - 8pm

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