King Tut Cafe

Phoenix/Tempe Metro, Arizona


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Vegans beware! They serve the grape leaves with a dish of yogurt, so let them no ixnay on the yogurt, eh?

And the grape leaves are not very good.

But, this place is definitely pretty nice to go to and kick back and smoke some hookah at. A lot of underage hipsters, but whatever. Probably the best hookah joint in the valley.

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Let me preface this review by stating that King Tut has delicious food. The food is good enough that I have endured multiple trips to this restaurant, only to be rewarded with increasingly bad service. It is not that the staff is rude, but the food can take impossibly long to deliver, even when ordering to go. The atmosphere is nice, and although I personally don't use them, hookahs are available. One caveat about the ambiance, the music is consistently awful, ranging from rap to 90's R&B. With the wide variety of Mediterranean fare in the Tempe area, I will not be returning to this restaurant any time soon.

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This place is exactly what I have been looking for my whole life. The felafel and hommus are unbelievable and so is the price.
the look, well that just adds to the atmosphere. I've never heard anyone complain

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