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OLD REVIEW: I've been to Palomino's 3 times now and it has become my "bar food" vegan place. I'm not saying the food is bad in any way, in fact, quite the opposite. This is the kind of place where I come to drink some Spotted Cow and scarf down a Seitan Steak with Tater Tots, or maybe some Vegan Buffalo Wings and a large stack of Onion Rings.

NEW REVIEW: Palomino's recently finished remodeling and retooling the menu, and sadly, I am no longer in love with this place.

Nearly half of the Vegan items, including most of my favorites, have been removed from the menu. Additionally, Appetizers and Entrees are now Ala-carte, which means the sides cost extra. Everything is now made in-house, which explains the higher prices, but I still felt like I was paying too much.

We ordered some Vegan Wings to start. They're basically the "Toffalo “Wings" they served before, minus the fries. Price was about the same.

I had the Bean Burger with Tater tots. Overall it was bland, so I ended up adding lots of condiments to enhance the taste. Tots were OK.

My Wife had the Vegan Pork Sandwich, but received the non-Vegan version. This was not realized until the first bite. The staff was kind enough to replace the sandwich with the Vegan version and drop the item from our bill, but for my Wife, the damage was done.

Palomino's was, by far, our favorite Vegan restaurant in Milwaukee... this is no longer the case. I plan to give them another shot in a few months, but I'm not holding my breath.

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Just because you're vegan doesn't mean you can't indulge in some deep fried goodness. There is no better bar food than the vegan faux boy and the new sweet potato tots....maybe with some teese sticks as an appetizer! The only bad thing is that with the new menu they got rid of the spicy deep fried tofu sandwich.

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I have to edit my review of Palomino yet again, because right after I edited my review to say that the consistency in the quality of their food was deteriorating, it seems as though they've stepped it up a notch. The last few times I've been there, everything was great. The seitan had the texture/firmness that it should, the fries seemed like they were deep fried and not just soaked in oil AND they've added vegan mozzarella sticks made by the makers of Teese. I'm glad, because Palomino has pretty much been my favorite restaurant in Milwaukee for a while now. I would once again recommend it to any vegans who live or happen to find themselves in Milwaukee. Try the Toffalo wings for sure. The faux boy (vegan version of a po boy made with seitan) is also great. They also have vegan chicken fried steak, a vegan sloppy joe, vegan chili, and some other vegan options. The thing I really appreciate about Palomino is that, while they may not be an all-vegan restaurant, they do have an all-vegan deep fryer.

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Went to Palomino last night, and it was awesome! First time in over a year being vegan i was able to order off the menu without having to quiz the server. Got the tofullo wings, wich were super tasty and the faux boy sandwich. Very good food, friendly service. My non veg boyfriend liked it as well. It was a lil smoky, but i went there before 10pm, wich is when smoking is allowed. So you could smell it, but not worse than being in the same room with someone who smokes.

Check it out!

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Very smokey yuck! But they have an outdoor patio in the summer yay! They do tofu wings really well and they give you a ton for your money. Plus they have a vegan ranch! The side dishes that come with the meals are really cool too like sweet potato with pecans, okra and tatter tots. TONS of vegan menu items clearly marked. Just about everything a vegan could want they have it here and they make it all really well.

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Review from April 2009

I still like Palomino, and appreciate it was the first place to carry vegan bar food before it became trendy, but I like it less and less every time I go. The place reeks of smoke, the food is super greasy, and I've heard some not-so-great health/cleanliness stories from a vegan friend who used to work here.

Another thing is that they no longer let you get all wheat meat tofullo wings for the same price (you get half tofu and half wheat meat). Additionally, they've changed the wheat meat nuggets they use. I believe these are homemade, which is great, but they just don't taste as good as the last ones.

Review from June 2007

Always a good time and fun atmosphere (minus all the smoke). The food is great and it's a great place to bring meat eaters to try the tofullo wings (wheat meat are better than the tofu). I'm a big fan of the vegan brat with caramelized onions and sauerkraut and the deep fried vegan banana split is great. However, it's too bad Palomino keeps cutting vegan items from their menu or changing them (like you can no longer get the deep fried pickles as a side dish).

They've introduced some new items (fried tempeh-lettuce-tomato sandwich, and a BBQ fried seitan sandwich) and both are very good. Their vegan coleslaw and corn sides are both good, and a great alternative to all the other fried sides, but keep in mind you get a really small portion, versus a huge pile of fries, tater tots, or onion rings.

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FANTASTIC! I couldn't believe their menu. We were all very pleased especially with the Faux Boy which I think might be the best veggie sandwich I ever had in my life.

I will go to this place every time I go to Milwaukee, guaranteed. Even though my son complains about the smoke.

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I went there yesterday for de first time! Omg! I had de Toffalo Wings....and de Southern Fried Tofu Sandwich w/ Rice and beans and mash taters w/ veggie gravy.. OMG it was so good! I definitely will be back there! De flavor and portions of food were impressive!!!! Minus smoke.. I give this place a 9 as far as food alone!

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It's a great place to drink and hang out with friends, but after a while, the food all starts to taste the same. Last time I ate there, I threw up after having 2 tuffalo wings, so I'm done.

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I've never seen so many vegetarian or vegan options or such a vegan-friendly place in the Milwaukee area. It's definitely not what you'd expect from the south side or anywhere else in M'waukee... but Bay View and St. Francis are the up-and-coming cool areas of town.

All menu items are clearly designated as vegetarian or vegan, including the side orders and even the various dips that are included with meals. I am giving Palomino an extra point because of this, as well as for the variety.

Prices are a little high, but you get a lot of food, and most of it is delicious. If you're a beer drinker, the pints are very reasonable ($3 range).

If you're looking for an eclectically decorated retro bar and restaurant with vinyl booths and vegan food, welcome to the Palomino! Yee-haw! ;-)

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BEST VEGAN RESTAURANT EVER !!! At least in Milwaukee, anyway. Fantastic food in a great setting. In Milwaukee, you CANNOT eat in a bar if you're vegan, unless all you want is fries. At Palomino, there's all kinds of vegan appetizers and entrees that are delicious. CALLING ALL VEGANS - EAT AT PALOMINO !!!

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