Kyoto, Japan


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Kyoto is known for it's vegetables and tofu. These were beautiful, treated with love, care, and respect.

This was a 5 course meal, prix fixe, for 4400 Yen a head in the Eat Paradise of the JR Isetan in the Kyoto JR Station.

Kyoryori (Kyoto Cuisine) is extremely seasonal, so the items will change. It took exactly 50 minutes to scarf down our meal in order to catch our train. The staff spoke some English.

Yes, it can be vegan, but again, beware the broths for soups. They gave us a fish based one and then immediately switched it when they realized they had made an error.

Other than that, we had: silken tofu, skewered vegetables steeped in kombu (kelp) broth, two kinds of miso for dipping said vegetables, agedashi tofu, and rice with pickles.

Finally, we had hot coffee, fruit, and a chocolate tofu pudding for dessert.

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