Shega Foods

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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The $0.50 sambusas are a ridiculously good deal. You can get a couple as a light snack. The sambusas have a nice spicy lentil filling.

I also had a sort of ethiopian donut or something from there today. It was donut shaped fried bread, but not sweet. It was plain but filling.

The guy who's worked the counter when I've been there seems to know what vegan is, and is quite friendly.

I'd like to go back and try the other food there.

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This small Ethiopian grocery store offers fresh injera and many spices. A couple months ago they opened a take-away food window. (There is no seating.) For $5.95 you can get the vegetarian plate. It contains: 2 pieces of injera, greens, red lentils, yellow peas, cabbage/carrot thing, and a separate container of very spicy salad. It's quite a bit of food for your money and delicious! Be prepared to wait a bit. They seemed to whip up our food from scratch so it took 15 minutes.

Not 100% sure if all the dishes are vegan. They seemed vegan but I didn't ask.

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