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I loved this place! They had a great variety of vegan desserts (and a few savory items, such as broccoli and cheese biscuits) and everything was really affordable. I was stuffed from lunch at Garden Grille next door so I only had the lime tart, which was incredible. I did, however, try the gluten-free chocolate chip muffin (so-so), cinnamon bun (very good), and broccoli and cheese biscuit (very good) at Coffee Exchange over a few days.

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Wildflour is a solid, welcoming vegan bakery and coffee shop with a wide variety of teas, coffees and, obviously, baked goods. They have everything from cookies to cakes to cinnabons, muffins, bars and more.

I got a cup of tea and a couple baked things. The tollhouse cookie was decent, but a bit too hard (nothing 10 seconds in the microwave couldn't clear up). The coffee cake, on the other hand, was excellent; soft, crumbly and perfectly sweet. My non-vegan friends loved the coffee cake as well.

The cafe has a decent amount of space and it's a good place to hang out with a laptop or a friend.

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