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A casual vibe with a great vegan Belgian waffle - be sure to get fruit added. Their apricot scone was also great and was nice to have alongside the trail mix and protein bars we took hiking. In a town filled with touristy stuff, this place felt like we were among locals.

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Food was great we both had the vegan BLTA which we really enjoyed. Would definitely come again. Felt nice sitting outdoors as well. Staff was super friendly.

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I spent several days in Flagstaff, and my mom and I ate here every day.

Someone mentioned that breakfast wasn't good for vegans - I thoroughly enjoyed it! They have great vegan pastries - which stretch beyond just muffins and cookies. It was nice to have the healthy addition of oatmeal or couscous with fruit and steamed soy milk every morning. When we were there, they did have vegan waffles, but I didn't try any.

They also roast their own coffee beans - and they make amazing lattes!

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This is a great restaurant with a warm atmosphere and good food. Vegan pastries are clearly marked and vary in quality -- I was most impressed by the danish.

The gyro was just wonderful. It was made with seitan and served on pita. The first time I had it, the hummus served on the side was awful, but the next day it was better, so I guess that varies day to day.

The chai was great, but I'd have to recommend that you don't get it with ice, as you'll pay the same amount of money for less chai (since they fill the cup to the brim with ice).

My only complaint is that it's cash-only. The last time I ate there, I was just passing through town on my way home from a road trip, and I was completely out of cash. I went on a wild-goose chase through Flagstaff looking for an ATM, which managed to slam me with fees on both ends. So I ended up paying about $5 in fees on top of my bill.

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Macy's is great!

We didn't get around to eating any of the hot items, but the sandwiches were fantastic! The avocado BLT was my favorite followed by the superbird (veg turkey, tofutti cream cheez, cranberry sauce) and the turkey BLT their tempeh bacon is fantastic! Although we had gotten a couple sandwiches for the next day's early morning train ride and they weren't too good at that point. so if you order a sandwich, eat it in the next few hours, or it'll get soggy. :-)

They also offer some fantastic pastries! And they are clearly marked whether they are vegan or wheat-free etc. My favorite was the tofu mango danish. I hadn't had a danish in years, and this really hit the spot.

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I literally stumbled upon this place and was so excited to find it, during a random stop in Flagstaff. My boyfriend (non veg) and I absolutely loved it. He loved the coffee too. I can't remember exactly what we ordered, but both dishes were delish. If I ever end up in Flagstaff again, this will be my first stop :)

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I really enjoyed the dinner I had at Macy's the last time I was up in Flagstaff. I had a vegan broccoli-potato gratin. The "cheese" was amazing, and everything about the dish was perfect. My husband also enjoyed his meal. And the coffee was, of course, excellent.

I was pretty impressed by the vegan offerings for lunch/dinner. Breakfast, however, might best be avoided by vegans. (We called ahead one morning to ask about vegan breakfast dishes. They had a couple of things--cereal and oatmeal, I think. Nothing exciting. I suspect their non-vegan options might be more impressive.)

The atmosphere is very nice. It's laid back and very comfortable. I can see why students like to come here for a cup of coffee and relax with a book (or two).

We'll definitely stop by Macy's the next time we're up in Northern Arizona.

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