Christopher's Kitchen

West Palm Beach, Florida


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Food was excellent and interesting. Would recommend checking out. Although did seem a little pricey. 9.5/10!

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We have had lunch 3 times, dinner 4 times in the last two months. Service and food excellent. Christopher's kitchen has me on my way to becoming a vegetarian. We drive from Fort pierce To Christopher's (50 miles) My son and I made It our First stop after a 5 day cruse. Waited An hour and half till they opened. We were early, the wait was worth it! My grand kids even loved it the time we took them.

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Wow the organic eating here is clean, fresh, and the menu has plenty to choose from. I visited twice before writing this review, The staff is super friendly and knowledgeable about the cuisine. The restaurant is airy. People are not sitting and eating on top of each other. I was impressed by the mixture of tastes that were crafted for each entree. This is a must try. If you like chocolate, Christopher's Kitchen has a whole case of freshly made chocolate goodies made with agave and maple syrup as the sweetener.

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