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Twin Cities, Minnesota


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I was starving and even though it was busy and the service was decent, the food was not good. I was super hungry and I had to choke my food down. Usually when I'm famished, I tend to think whatever I'm eating tastes great, just because I'm so grateful to have food - but this wasn't good. The more I ate, the less I liked it. (I had mock duck and vegetables, btw).

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I think the key to getting good vegan food here is to speak Chinese. When I go with my wife (who does speak Chinese) it's always good. When I go without her the results have not been so stellar (and sometimes not vegan).

I'd recommend the batter-fried tofu, the Singapore rice noodles (ask for no meat or seafood), and the "rice cakes" (not the puffy kind, more like thick chewy noodles), again ask for no meat.

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The lunch specials include two vegetarian dishes: mock duck vegetable and tofu with vegetables. Each of them comes with steamed rice, soup and egg rolls, and each combo is $4.50 which is really cheap. But the soup has pork in it and the egg rolls have...eggs. Furthermore, the dishes themselves are not very good at all. I was pretty hungry but I had a hard time finishing the what was on my plate. I have only tried the lunch specials so it's possible that other dishes are slightly better.
I suppose if you're really hungry and want something very cheap, it's not horrible, but it comes pretty close to it.

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