Taste of Thailand

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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This is one of my favorite restaurants - the food is excellent. However, the service is something else entirely - absolutely awful. We usually go to the Selby restaurant, and service is abysmal. It is not at all unusual to wait 20 minutes to place an order, and then for everything - appetizer and entrees - to arrive all at once. Good luck getting your waiter back should you actually want dessert.

I highly recommending ordering to go. Also, check your bag before you leave - it's only happened once and I order from there regularly, but they have forgotten the rice and they do have a sign that says that if you leave without checking your takeout, they can't give you anything you find missing later.

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I really enjoy the food at TOT on Selby. I don't generally eat-in, so I can't speak to the in-house service, but I can say that I order and pick up quite a lot. I've not had a problem with my order ONCE. Always what I've asked for, and generally ready when they say it will be.

I love the food. I haven't had anything that I didn't like, and I'm not big on fish sauce AT ALL. I particularly love the Tom Yoam Soup and sticky rice, pad Thai and cream cheese wontons.

They have received very good reviews on many dishes and awards. For many people who aren't experienced with Thai food, this is a very, very good Thai restaurant where they've Americanized it somewhat without COMPLETELY destroying the integrity of the food and culture. Only second to Sawatdee!

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Nearly everything labeled 'vegetarian' on the menu contains fish sauce or oyster sauce. The exception to this are the curries. Our server let us know that if we ordered any of the other entree without the fish sauce, they wouldn't taste very good. I believed him after my poor experience with the Taste of Thailand in Fridley - the food was incredibly bland. I ordered the one curry that was described as having a 'light peanut sauce', because the other two were coconut milk based and I can't handle more then a taste of most coconut milk based dishes because it's too rich for me. The curry came, and it was coconut milk based with some peanut pieces on top. I ended up sending it back - I've never sent anything back before. We will not be going back here - it's a lot more trouble than it's worth. They get a two only because my husband liked his dish, and the server knew which dishes did and didn't have fish sauce and was forthcoming in telling us that omitting the fish sauce would mean the food wouldn't taste so great.

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Good food, but annoyingly slow and unresponsive service.

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Delicious food and large portions at good prices! When I was there I tried both the Pad Pak dish with mock duck(which is basically a big vegetable stir-fry) and the Pad Bai Kra Prao with tofu(which was stir-fried basil, onions, mushrooms, jalepeno peppers, and red and green bell peppers). The latter dish was the best, but both were good.

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