Bliss Organic Cafe

Adelaide, Australia


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Tofu burger is excellent. I don't know what they marinate the tofu in but it's delicious. The burger overall is very filling but doesn't leave you feeling unhealthy.

Desserts are invariably amazing. I think they're made fresh every day (certainly, they're different every time I go there), many are gluten free. Also amazing is the vegan cream they give you with the desserts, it's made in the shop, I have no idea what's in it, but it's delicious. (They sell tubs of it, but it's $8 for 400g. Pricey, but worth it.)

I went here once a couple of years ago and only remember that everything was painted purple and that I didn't like the food much. I decided to go there again to see what it was like; turns out the shop has new owners, they've drastically improved the food (and the paintwork!), and it's quickly became my favourite place to eat.

The shop attached to the cafe, filled with assorted is useful also. Some products there can be bought cheaper at the big supermarkets, but others (vegan marshmallows, for instance) just can't be bought anywhere else.

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