La Raccolta

Florence, Italy


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In a previous review, I referred to Il Vegetariano on Via delle Ruote as the best vegetarian restaurant in Florence. This, of course, was before I patronized the superb two-in-one restaurant and health food grocery store La Raccolta.

La Raccolta is truly health conscious, serving only whole grains, a plethora of beautifully and simply prepared vegetables (including my favorite leafy greens!), legumes, succulent sauces, and no-sugar vegan tarts and pastries. The menu offers a wide selection with plenty of vegan options, though vegetarians can still get their cheese kicks if preferred. The highlights of the menu in my opinion are the combination plates. Order a platter of vegetable, grain, and bean dishes, a macrobiotic plate, a large platter to share, or a platter complete with seitan then wait for the chef to concoct a mouthwatering array of vegetarian deliciousness. I opted for the macrobiotic plate which came with brown rice topped with gomasio, brown lentils, sauteed greens with sesame seeds, steamed carrots, sauteed zucchini, steamed cabbage with a nutty sauce, and a miso soup to start. An absolutely perfect, healthy meal and finally one I didn't have to feel guilty about. In fact, I felt so unguilty that I ordered a blueberry tart with a kamut flour crust.

The only downside to La Raccolta is that the prices are a bit steep. While the platters are decently priced and generously portioned at fourteen euro, the rest of the dishes seem too high for what you would supposedly recieve. My tart slice also cost me five euro, which I found way too pricy for the fairly small portion size.

Finally, the service was incredibly friendly and I was lucky enough to have an english-speaking woman as my waitress. I will certainly return to La Raccolta again...and again.

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