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Vietnamese Cuisine with mockmeats and tofu

Hue (pron: Hway) is a Vietnamese restaurant in the Bay View neighborhood. They have several vegan options, including tofu and "veggie meat" stir fries, noodle dishes, and pho (traditional Vietnamese soup).

As of January 2012, they are doing a "Vegetarian Wednesday", where they offer a couple additional vegetarian appetizers and entrees.

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I've been here twice and really enjoy it. The wait staff was very friendly, the restaurant was clean and attractive, and the food was really good. Milwaukee has definitely been lacking in Vietnamese options so I'm so glad to have this place. Best yet, during my recent trip, an employee said they're going to be launching "Vegetarian Wednesdays" soon, where they'll be rotating new veg dishes in addition to the current veg menu.

I had the vegan pho soup twice (with a mushroom/anise broth) with fried tofu. The soup itself was good but it was much better with a generous helping of Siracha and hoison sauce. :) I also think the dish would have been better with veggie meat, which would have held up its consistency better in the liquid.

I also sampled my mom's grilled veggies and fried tofu in tomato sauce. This was the daily special so I'm not sure how often they serve it. This dish also had a good flavor but I tend to prefer dishes with stronger flavor (more garlic, spice, and heat).

My favorite dish was the rice noodle salad with fried veggie meat and peanut sauce, which I shared with a friend both times I went. Delicious! Note that the rice noodles come cold but you can ask them to warm them up if you prefer. We also had the spring rolls, which had a good flavor but I feel contained way too much lettuce to cost nearly as much as an entree.

Overall, I enjoyed my experience and would definitely be back to order some pho and rice noodles with veggie meat. :)

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I have been to Hue twice now, ordered different things both time, and was impressed by the quality of the food as well as the quality of service. Hue has a nice, clean if not fairly small dining area.

The first time I visited Hue, I ordered the Cơm Xà with tofu, which is a spicy stir-fried dish served with rice that was bursting with flavor. I wish I could be more specific, but this visit was actually a while ago at this point, and I can't recall which vegetables were in the dish. I just remember it being fairly spicy and very delicious.

The second time I visited Hue, I ordered the Vegetarian (and Vegan) Phở. I added all of the included garnishes (bean sprouts, Thai basil, jalapeno, and lime) as well as a healthy dose of Sriracha (I love my food extremely spicy). The soup was good on its own without the added garnishes, but even better after I embellished it a bit. I found the portion size of the soup to be more than adequate (it was in a huge bowl), so I'd be intrigued to see what the "extra large Phở" is that they have available for an additional $3.50.

To be honest, I haven't tried many other Vietnamese restaurants in town, so it's hard for to say how Hue stacks up, but I thought it was delicious and I am very happy that they offer a vegan Phở, which not many other places in town do.

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Rice, fried tofu, and grilled vegetables in a tomato sauce

Rice, fried tofu, and grilled vegetables in a tomato sauce

Vegan pho soup with fried tofu


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