Udipi Café

Cincinnati, Ohio


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Please don't go in this hotel/restaurant etc whatever it is.
I went their with my family today for dinner and they served us half cooked Sambhar and when we asked them about it, the manager said that it was still cooking.
I ordered 1 plate Idli and 1 Dosa and they made me pay for everything, even when I didn't touch the other food items.
We had to leave in between after paying and they were not even courteous enough to pack the food for take away. They were very unwelcoming and their hospitality was pathetic. I felt embarrassed in front of my family.

The owner almost ran to the kitchen when we said that food was not cooked. He didn't came back until we left.

The places like this are the reason why Indians are called by the names as Chindi/desis etc.

Save your money, time and dignity. Don't go in this place.

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