Kong Foo Vegetarian Restaurant

Norwich, Connecticut


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Darn! THIS RESTAURANT CLOSED DOWN LATE AUGUST 2011, lasted just 9 months, a great loss to the (obviously small) vegetarian community of SE CT.

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This is a solid vegetarian Chinese restaurant. I'm not sure why it's located in tiny Norwich, and not in a place like New Haven, but oh well. I'm also impressed that they have some mockmeats I've never heard of---mock belly fat, anyone?

The service is extremely friendly and prompt. I appreciated all the advice on dishes that my server offered.

I had a Taro's Nest ($13.95) with brown rice. It was basically a fried shell (made of taro) filled with all sorts of mockmeats---mock beef, fish, squid and crab. I thought the sauce in the dish was good, but I didn't like the taste of some of the mockmeats, namely the mock fish and the mock crab. That said, the taro nest was excellent and offered a nice departure in flavor and texture from boring noodles or rice.

The portion size of the dish was enough for one meal, but that means that it was an expensive meal for $17 (with tax and tip).

All in all, Kong Foo is solid. If they had lower prices I'd give them another star.

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