Sweets From the Earth

Toronto, Ontario


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Their sweets are absolutely delicious! I have tried a bunch of their stuff (at Vegetarian Haven and a couple of other local restaurants), and I was never disappointed. Their (vegan) cheesecake in particular is absolutely amazing! It has the perfect texture and taste. Everyone else I know loves their stuff as much as I do.

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I don't know how they created such a heavenly new chocolate treat and it's 100% vegan. It's a Chocolate Caramel Pecan Bar and it's absolutely heavenly. One is NEVER enough. :)

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I would give Sweets From the Earth a 10 merely for being the only exclusively vegan bakery/sweetmaker I've encountered in Toronto, but they definitely earn it with the quality of their desserts. Also, they're available all over the place, which is nice.

Their fudgey chocolate cake is divine, but is best to buy in slices from the fridge, as it doesn't hold up so well in the freezer. The carrot cake tastes like it has real cream cheese frosting - honestly made me double check the label. The truffles are like little explosions of pure joy! Crunchy chocolate on the outside, creamy smooth chocolate on the inside, and all rolled in cocoa - I don't miss Godiva's truffles anymore!

My friend bought a custom baked basket of cookies from Sweets, and shared a double chocolate chunk cookie with me which was...just mind blowing. It was soft and chewy and rich and chocolatey. They're great from the store, but nothing matches fresh-baked cookies! If you are so inclined, getting a basket of these cookies would be a fantastic way to turn people (or yourself!) on to how delicious vegan dessert can be, since that's often the first thing people think they would miss without eggs and dairy in their diet.

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