Whole World Restaurant & Bakery

Columbus, Ohio


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Whole World is a simple, small vegetarian cafe with mostly American foods, but a smattering of Asian and Mexican and Middle Eastern dishes as well.

I came for Sunday brunch and had a vegan version of the "Big Breakfast" ($8) which consisted of tofu scramble, two homemade sausage patties and vegetable hash. I also had a single "special" vegan pancake ($3) which was just your basic fluffy pancake, albeit with a berry compote on top.

Let's break down the individual components. The tofu scramble was dry and could have benefited from some fresh basil, diced tomatoes and chopped jalapenos to the mix. I think Whole World allows you to add ingredients to the scramble, but not on the Big Breakfast plate (at least, the option of modifying the dish wasn't offered to me). The homemade sausage patties weren't bad, but they too could have been slightly more moist (or maybe topped with a mushroom gravy?). The vegetable hash added some freshness and "wetness" to the dish and consisted of corn, carrots and some other simple veggies. It wasn't really seasoned but it complemented the rest of the dish well.

The pancake was decent; Whole World's pancake is spongy, whereas I like mine firmer, but it was still tasty enough.

For dessert I had a mint carob cookie ($1) which was both clever and tasty. It could have been softer (my guess is that it had gotten hard from sitting out for a while), but it still tasted good.

Whole World strikes me as a rock-steady, no-frills cafe that, while not spectacular, will offer you a hearty meal for a low price. The service is friendly and I will definitely return.

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The cookies were about the only thing I enjoyed here. I really wanted to like this place. But the service is not the greatest (we waited over 20 mins for our check), the bathroom setup is creepy, and the food is kind of bland.

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Nice selection of veggie 'comfort food'. Large portions at reasonable prices. Popular with the locals. Plenty of vegan options.

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I LOVE Whole World. Always fresh and unique menue items. I appreciate the homemade soups and desserts too. My never-fail place to bring picky eaters or grab a bite solo. Huge fan.

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The food is here is good and they have multiple vegan options, which is awesome. I do not have any real favorites but if I am in a pinch this place is good for take out. It is best to call ahead as the staff is not the fastest.

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My friend and I both had pizza here and I would say it's so-so, but nothing to brag about. I love avocado more than anything in the world so I had the "guacamole pizza" and it was pretty much guacamole on a pizza crust. It would have been good if it were served as a guac side dish, but it didn't taste anything like pizza so it was a bit of a disappointment. We also had a few of the desserts, which were okay, but not great.

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Columbus is lucky to have both Dragonfly Neo-V (expensive, fancy vegan haute cuisine which I love) and Whole World Bakery (cheap, rustic, simple food that hits the spot any day of the week). I love Whole World because they make the kinds sandwiches I'd make at home but here I don't have to cook. I've loved their avocado croissant for at least a decade now, and the soups are fabulous. Their cookies etc. are as wholesome as cookies can get. It's old-school vegetarian grub at its finest, which will always have a place in my heart.
The service isn't the fastest, but I've always found it friendly and knowledgeable.
The mural on the wall showing the seasons, with mice and rabbits enjoying ice skating and all that... absolutely priceless.
I'm giving Whole World a 9 and not a 10 only because a Whole World Bakery experience takes a little more time than a lot of people probably have or expect. Other than that, Whole World deserves top marks as a neighborhood landmark that can be relied on for inexpensive, simple, fresh sandwiches, soups, salads, and fantastic baked goods.

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Mildly friendly staff... sketchy management (always ask about the sour cream). Weekly soups and specials with vegan options. The cookies and brunch are the only saving grace.

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