Eclectic Pizza

Tucson, Arizona


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Super good vegan pizza!

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I've been to Eclectic Pizza twice. The last time was 2 months ago, before they changed their name. I got a gluten free crust and non-dairy cheese. I think they use Vegan Gourmet. The pizza was light on the cheese and sauce nothing extra. Gluten free crusts aren't usually anything to write home about, so I won't fault them for that. If the service had been at least ok, I would have given the experience a 3 stars but it wasn't. The server kept disappearing and I had to ask a million times for each thing I needed, like a glass of water. The restaurant was dead. The first time I went to Eclectic, I sat for 20 minutes waiting for the waiter to speak to me. I left. The only reason I returned two months ago was because I was dying for non-frozen vegan pizza. Looks like I'm going to be sticking with Amy's.

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This is the ONLY Vegan pizza available in Tucson. The pizzas are original and delicious!

I had the Yucatan, which was amazing!

The staff was very informed about the ingredients in all their food and very willing to make changes so it would be vegan.

They have a great philosophy, a great website with coupons on it. They are just a great restaurant. I will be going back again and again.

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