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Huntsville, Alabama


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This store is simply the best health food grocery store I've shopped. You just can't beat the quality of the veggies, fruits, legumes and more. Every week new varieties arrive. Being one of the oldest health food grocers in Huntsville, they work hard on providing a quality product in innovative ways. The price is right too. I've managed to feed a family of four better here than at any other place. Finally they have a very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff.

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Garden Cove Produce is the second oldest health food store in Huntsville, behind Pearly Gates (which is a fantastic source for vegan-friendly herbs and soaps but not a place to shop for groceries).
I first discovered Garden Cove about a year ago. This store is wonderful. There's a very nice water filtration system (just $.69/gallon), a nice bulk section (non-GMO beans, rice, granola, grains, etc) with a well-stocked and varied spice selection, nice groceries (LOVE the Beanito's Chipotle BBQ chips, the carob-covered almonds, the Follow Your Heart Vegenaise and Gourmet cheeses as well as Daiya cheeses, the juices and alkaline waters, and the fabulous soaps and teas (HIGHLY recommend the Mircale II Soaps--WOW!)). I truly believe they make not just the best VEGAN and VEGETARIAN subs in town but just the best sandwiches in town. Period. The vegan all veggie sandwiches are fabulous as well. I'm also loving their new salads. The produce is well-stocked and varied. I've seen fruits, veggies, and even cacti there not even available at Earth Fare. The produce is certainly not 100% organic, but they truly attempt to keep the GMOs to a bare minimum. Talking with Mr. Artis Sydney can usually re-assure the quality of the produce, a large portion of which is sold from small farms. Ask questions; shop smart! Most of all, the friendly staff is knowledgable, helpful and down to Earth. Overall, it may be the nicest grocery in Huntsville.

Pros: Low, low prices on produce, quality water, and several bulk grains. Beautiful outdoor garden and gazebo (perfect place to enjoy a sandwich and some chips or a salad). Carries unique products not available in other stores. BIG discounts on the first Sunday and third Thursday of each month. FAMILY-RUN SMALL BUSINESS!

Cons: Hours are odd and can be difficult to work around; as a result, it'll be relatively dead some days and hours but packed at other times. The layout is a little odd and small. The parking lot is also small. Sandwiches and salads are not available everyday and sell out quickly. Several items run out of stock and may take weeks to restock, though not always. Overall, the store doesn't seem to get quite the business they deserve.
Please support Garden Cove Produce. If you wish to shop for healthy products, you're missing a lot of products by not shopping there.

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Garden Cove is THE place to get soy curls, which are delicious to eat in a vegan quesadilla. I also really love their bulk granola - the maple almond tastes so much better than the granola I buy in boxes at other stores. When money is tight, the clearance vegetables at the back of the store are life-saving. I can usually pick up a small basket of veggies for just a dollar or two. Their vegan sandwiches are pretty good, and a nice quick lunch if you're in the 5 points area and don't want to drive to Earth Fare for a quick meal. One last note - usually once a month they get in a large selection of Alternative Baking Company's gourmet cookies. They're a nice treat, and while other stores like Food for Life have some as well, Garden Cove has the largest variety.

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They have a large conventional selection of produce but the organic produce section does not have a large selection.(Kale, romaine lettuce, carrots and spinach) The grocery item shelves in the store a not often restocked so I find myself coming in for a specific product (bulk seeds or grains) and they will be out of it. It's still worth going there once in a while, but the Fresh Market on Airport road carries a better selection of organic produce and they are equal in price with Garden Cove.
They hardly carry cosmetic products anymore, better to go to Foods for Life on Memorial Pkwy.

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Still a great place to get bulk herbs and cosmetics, but most major groceries have a better selection of organic greens, and the Farmers' Markets in SE Huntsville and in Madison have even more organic vegs, and are a great way to "shop local." Star Market has as much vegetarian/vegan friendly stuff, as does Foods for Life or some ethnic stores. They also now carry a largish amount of meat and animal products, which is a disappointing change.

Pros: good dried herb selection * animal-friendly cosmetics * a very few rare products

Cons: redundant w/ local stores * pricey * meat

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This was my favorite natural food store when I lived in Huntsville. It's by far the biggest in town. The produce and bulk sections are both good and affordable. The regular groceries are a bit pricey, though. It's run by Seventh Day Adventists, so you'll have to put up with Christian talk radio and/or music on the loudspeakers. The staff is very nice; do watch the cash register, though, because a few of the prices are mis-marked.

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