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Vegan soup and baked good cafe

Caterer, Other

Offers a variety of vegan soups, and brownies, delivered daily or available for pickup. Check out the new storefront in Takoma Park - right across from the metro!

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Oh my goodness! I can't believe there are no reviews on this place yet! The food is absolutely delicious.

Souper Girl has a rotating soup and salad menu. You can always check what their daily soups are on the website, they post them every day. The woman running the place explained that sometimes the soup will change throughout the day, though. They keep up with that on the website, but just a heads-up anyway.

The back-story on this place is really cool and I suggest you look it up, or pop in and read about it!

So, the way they do things is really cool, you walk in and go over to a little 'soup station' where they have three kettles of the soups that are on. You then taste all three soups (or whichever ones you want to taste). From there you head to the counter to order. You can get a cup of soup, the two cup 'taster', or a bowl of soup. The two cup option provides about the same amount of soup as the bowl but you can have more than one kind that way. There is a combo option where you can get either the two cup 'taster' or a bowl of soup along with a small salad which comes already prepared in a cold case.

*This is my one complaint about Souper Girl and it's minor: They don't have leafy salads. Well, they have some prepared kale salads but going in I was kind of hoping to have a romaine salad or something like that. They have other salads made with quinoa, bulgar, other grains, I think I saw a coleslaw style salad- anyway, lot's of salad options, just no soft-greens with dressing.

Alright, as you can see that one minor complaint didn't prevent me from rating this place as excellent. The first thing I LOVE about this place is that it's ALL VEGAN! Everything is vegan! And Kosher for that matter.

The day we went in there was a Broccoli 'cream' soup made with cashew cream that was ah-may-zing. I went with an entire bowl of that because it blew my mind. The other two soups were a Red Lentil soup and Summer Quinoa and Bean. Tony ordered the two-cup 'taster' with the Broccoli 'cream' and the Red Lentil. They were both really good, but the broccoli was SOUPER (heh heh) good.

They have whole grain rolls and sourdough rolls and baguettes. We each added on a roll for a dollar. They have a garnish station with dried parsley and house-made croutons. The croutons brought the broccoli soup to a whole new level.

We topped it all off with some pecan snowballs. Did I mention that EVERYTHING IS VEGAN!? :)

Seriously. Go here. The staff is awesome, the concept is really cool, and the food is insane.

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Takoma Park


Right across the street from the Takoma Park Metro

Wheelchair Accessible


  • Checks
  • MasterCard Visa


  • American


  • (Mostly) Organic
  • Delivery
  • Kid-Friendly
  • Kosher


Soupergirl! Fresh. Local. Good.

Soupergirl! Fresh. Local. Good.



8:15am - 8pm
8:15am - 3pm
11am - 5pm

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