2 Wives Pizza

New London, Connecticut

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Pizza restaurant with vegan cheese & whole wheat crust

In addition to pizza, they also offer sandwiches and pasta.

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2 Wives offers a vegan cheese option, because one of the wives is a lapsed vegan. Her cooks initially were even trained to wipe clean the cutter before slicing vegan cheese pizzas! Plus, and this indeed is a big plus, 2 Wives offers the option of whole wheat crust, though with a surcharge. After the restaurant had been open more than a year, I finally succumbed to curiosity (not temptation!) and in the interest of donating my body to science, I tried their pizza with vegan cheese and whole wheat crust. It evoked distinct memories of the pizza shop pie I ate as a reckless teenager before I became vegan in 1970. You can decide if such standard fare is good (or bad). But wait! It gets better (or worse). With the advent of a new co-owner, they switched brands of vegan cheese from Daiya to Follow Your Heart. The improvement is substantial, as FYH has a subtle but agreeable flavor, whereas Daiya tastes only of salt. Regrettably, however, 2 Wives runs out of stock of either their vegan cheese or their whole wheat crust fully half the times I have attempted to eat there. What makes this not merely disappointing but also annoying is the waiters or waitresses would just stand around literally “doing nothing” when one of them could have walked one block away to Fiddleheads natural foods coop, which stocks both brands of vegan cheese. When both the vegan cheese and the whole wheat crust are in stock, they really do get their pizza right, else why would I eat here nearly once a month, or rather, try? Because now I know to ask if both are available before I even sit down, and if one is unavailable, I simply turn around and leave, though I sometimes have a hard time convincing my dining companions to do the same.

Now that CT has legalized same sex unions, and because New London has garnered notoriety for welcoming gay culture, one might think that 2 Wives Pizza is owned by a lesbian couple, but nope, they just happened to have blundered upon a very poor choice for a name of a restaurant, same as did Amazonian-sounding ManGetOut two blocks away. In fact, in 2011, one of the wives sold her share of the partnership to a male, so someday in tune with the times the remaining wife just might rename the place 1 Wife or 2 Divorcees or Ménage à Trois.

In any case and by whatever name, 2 Wives is a fine and fun place to eat.

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Wheelchair Accessible


$$ - average


  • American
  • Pizza


  • Delivery
  • Gluten-Free Options
  • Outdoor Seating



11am - 9pm
11am - 10pm
11am - 9pm

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