MangeTout Organic Cafe

New London, Connecticut


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Mangetout was quite tasty. The owner was sweet. We traded vegan cupcake secrets and I recommended some vegan cookbooks to her. They open for breakfast, brunch, and lunch, no dinner. They have at least one vegan menu item each day (their menus change daily) and several vegan dessert options, again all organic.

I had the edamame hummus wrap with a soy latte. I also took a chocolate nut fudge bar to go.

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What a quaint, lovely little cafe. It feels like you're in someone's nicely-decorated living room. Best of all, this living room is filled with a variety of vegan baked goods, from cupcakes to cookies to puddings.

I came around 4 p.m. for some afternoon snacks and tea. I had a pot of loose-leaf black tea ($3.50) and a dessert special, the coconut rice pudding with mango sauce ($6.95). First, I liked that they have proper loose-leaf tea, and didn't decay to the level of just tossing a Lipton bag in a pot and charging me a 500% markup on it.

The coconut rice pudding was really tasty. I wish the mango had been ripe (it was still tart and hard), but the fresh red strawberry added a goodly amount of sweetness. The portion size was pretty small considering the price, but it was still a nice afternoon indulgence.

I got a German chocolate cookie ($2) to go. The cookie ended up being great, too, with a great interplay of coconut and cocoa.

I can't wait to return to MangeTout to try some of their main dishes.

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Organic Mangetout is spelled ManGetOut. Even more ill-conceived than its French name is its illegible logo, both which hardly foster commercial success, yet thankfully it indeed has succeeded commercially. Open only to 4pm Tuesdays to Sundays (and recently also 6pm to 9pm on Fridays and Saturdays), it is the only restaurant in the New London area that places the word vegan very clearly on its menu. It also is the only restaurant in hick town New London that serves brown rice, rather than white. One-quarter of its entrees are vegan, and its one soup usually is vegan, so it deserves an A+ for effort, garners A for results, but gets C for Cramped quarters, especially when it has a well deserved crowd at 7pm on Friday or Saturday evenings. Parking is always a problem on State Street, but you can count on finding parking just around the corner on Eugene O’Neill Drive. Still, no matter how far you park your car, it’s well worth your trek, and well worth your patronage.

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