Kilimanjaro Cafe

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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I really enjoyed my food here. My friend and I started out with the foule appetizer (with no cheese), which is a mixture of fava beans, tomatoes, onions, and spices, served with warm, crusty French bread. The flavor was very good but it was a bit odd to eat soupy beans on bread. I was just happy to see an appetizer that I've never seen in Ethiopian restaurants (veggie samosas are usually the extent of veg appetizers).

My friend and I shared the vegetarian platter for two, which I think was fairly priced at $15. The miser wot (spiced lentils) was fabulous, and the other items were also very good. The only item I didn't care for was the salad, which was a mixture of somewhat limp iceburg lettuce, tomato, and jalapeno. There's usually some sort of salad variation on Ethiopian combo platters but this one seemed especially boring and not particularly fresh.

As is the case in most Ethiopian restaurants I've visited, they had a huge flat screen TV playing the entire time. While I wasn't really in the mood for "America's Next Dance Troop" (or whatever it's called), I was glad that at least they didn't have the volume blaring, as I've seen happen a lot. The ambiance was a bit boring, and it was weird seeing maybe 5 or 6 people gathered around watching the TV the entire time--none of whom were eating, so I'm wondering if they were just hanging out--but the service was friendly enough that I would return back.

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I agree with previous reviewers that the food was so-so, atmosphere not so good. Vegetarian platter a good deal though and you can sample a lot of the different vegetarian dishes in one.

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I was not terribly impressed with this place. The atmosphere is grim, spare and depressing, much like its neighbor Red Sea Bar and Restaurant, and the food quality is a notch below. In general, I found the food here to be below that of all the other Ethiopian restaurants I've been to in the Twin Cities, namely Blue Nile, Red Sea, T's Place.

My miser wot (lentils with berbere sauce) ($7.95) was too mushy and had a sour flavor, as opposed to the spicier, fresher preparation I've had elsewhere. I wasn't impressed with the flat and flavorless green beans, or the generic iceberg lettuce salad with Italian dressing, either. The small side of split peas that came with the dish was pretty decent, and I wish I had ordered that instead.

In summary, I probably would not come back here again, especially not with better Ethiopian places out there.

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I've been going here pretty regularly since Addis Ababa closed (years ago), and it's pretty good. The foule appetizer (ordered with no cheese) is very tasty, and not something I've had elsewhere (I think it may be more Egyptian than Ethiopian).

The vegetarian platter is pretty good, though the quality of the dishes varies a fair bit from one visit to the next. I prefer Fasika over in St Paul, as their food is more consistent, and a bit stronger in flavor, but Kilimanjaro is pretty good, and more conveniently located.

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This place has amazing food. The vegetarian appetizer (it has fava beans in it) ordered without feta is excellent - it comes with fluffy, crusty white bread - very good. Easily enough for three or four people. The vegetarian combo for two is enough for three, really. They have the best injera bread I have had in the twin cities, and everything on the combo platter was fantastic. According to the server, all of the vegetarian meals are vegan. We had to wait a while for our food - but it is so worth the wait. They had this huge TV on the whole time we were there (same as Addis Ababa is this a quirk of Ethiopian places??) and that was a bit distracting, but once the food gets there, we blocked everything else out. The only reason it's getting a nine instead of a ten is that I've only been once, and it could have been an 'on' night - I'll be going back to finish my research, though. UPDATE: Research completed 3 out of three right on the money. This is, hands down, the best Ethiopian place in town.

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Excellent food, good price. The music was too loud.

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Good ethiopian, right next door to the Red Sea. Vegan options served family style (order the vegetarian combination). Quite good. They have loudish live music most nights, always in my experience made by the same guy. Friendly staff, good atmosphere. Definitely among the best ethiopian places in the Twin Cities, on par with Red Sea, Fasika, and Addis Ababa.

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