Flat Top Grill

Ann Arbor, Michigan


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Very vegan friendly. All of the sauces are labeled if vegan and if they contain allergens. I like that the vegan/veggie "meats" are in a location separate from the animal products.
The staff has always been helpful and friendly whether I've gone with just one person or my 10 member work group.
This, as mentioned by a previous reviewer, is a great place to go to feed everyone from non-veg to vegan and gluten-free and allergic.

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Great for vegetarians as well as vegans, and meat eaters will be happy here also. Great variety of yum-o-licious mock meats and vegetables. Excellent variety of sauces.

Here's the protocol: the hostess seats you then you're greeted by your waitress. Place your drink order then you write your name on the little wooden stick at your table. Take the stick up to the food bar with you and grab a bowl. Go down the line adding rice, noodles, mock meats, veggies, nuts, sauces, whatever you like. At the end of the line, there is a stick for "food allergies" - add that stick to your bowl to have it grilled on the veg-only grill. Also, if you like roti bread, add the "roti bread" stick and they'll put one in your bowl. For some reason they do not have tofu on the main buffet, instead you put a "tofu stick" in your bowl and the chef will add the tofu. Put your wooden stick in the bowl so they know what table to deliver it to once it's grilled.

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