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I ordered from Veggie Brothers for months. I really want to give this a high rating because I love the concept, but I have to be honest.

First, the good stuff. They ship the food directly to your door. So this is GREAT for veg*ns in rural areas where there are limited or no vegan options around. Also great for people who are no good at cooking or don't have the time but want to eat healthy. They have the delivery aspect perfected. The food always arrived still completely frozen in the styrofoam packaging.

Now the bad part. The items come frozen in little plastic bags. For most of the stuff they sell, you prepare it by boiling the bags thus warming up the contents that way. Then just cut open the plastic bag and empty the contents onto your plate. Couldn't be easier. The problem is that a lot of their plastic bags would leak during the boiling stage. So I would end up with watery potatoes,e tc. I contacted them and told them this and was not offered a refund, an "oh we're so sorry", nothing. So I just stopped buying from them.

This was a year ago so maybe (hopefully) they've fixed the leaky bag problem.

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