Valley Natural Foods Co-op

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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It's great to have a co-op in the Southern metro... however I think they could be a little more vegan friendly. For example they offer about 10 different deli sandwhiches/wraps pre-made. Lately they have not had ANY vegan options. They claim they are having trouble getting Veganaise. I suggested they use another vegan mayo, or a different version on Veganaise (as they had about 3 on their store shelf), or even make a different option in the mean time. Nothing has been done. The staff seem like it would be a hassle and do not care to accomodate. Sadly, this usually forces me to shop elsewhere.

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Truly love it! They are always willing to try new items and products. They have food tastings and the people are super helpful. Excellent option south of the river!

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