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South Indian vegetarian food

Features a standard array of South Indian dishes, from dosas to uttapam to thalis with a variety of different foods and flavors. Focuses on business lunches and offers convenient food packages.

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Indian restaurant food almost always disappoints me---it's usually too oily, too heavy, and over- or under-spiced. Bhojan, however, makes excellent, light and unusual dishes. This is the type of Indian food that you rarely ever see and it's almost akin to what you'd get in someone's home.

Their $9 labeled vegan lunch thali was superb: you get four or five vegetable dishes (one with lentils, one with beans, etc.) all seasoned differently. These curries are simple, taste home-cooked and feature vegetables and beans that you don't usually see in Indian restaurants (such as pigeon peas and kidney beans). Be warned that the dishes can be quite spicy, so ask them to temper the chili if you're averse to spiciness.

Unfortunately, these delicious, rare dishes you find in the vegan thali are NOT available a la carte on the menu. That's disappointing, as I'd like to order take-out of some of the thali dishes.

The whole wheat roti they gave me was also excellent, but they don't have brown rice, which was a bummer.

You also get a vegan dessert, but it wasn't particularly good. It was basically a coarse bread sweetened with jaggery (an unrefined cane sugar product common in South Asia and Latin America) and wasn't particularly appealing. Why not offer a coconut cream tapioca pudding? Or chai with almond milk?

The service was efficient, but curt. Seating is limited if you come during the main lunch rush.

All told, Bhojan makes unusual and great Indian food, especially in their vegan thali. I'll be back.

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I can't believe it took me over a year to get to this place. The restaurant is classy and well-decorated and the food comes prepared very beautiful but the prices are very reasonable. I went for lunch recently and got the $9 lunch plate, which came with about 8 different items: rice, lentils, eggplant, pickled veggies, bread, and a few other items. My server and the owner seemed to be aware of what vegan is and they even had a vegan dessert (a sweet bread), instead of the usual buttery Cream of Wheat orange concoction.

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