Gaia Fresh Food Cafe

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania


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I love Gaia Fresh Food Cafe! They make all-natural fruit smoothies, made from all real, whole fruit! with almond milk or coconut milk if you'd like (and we do!). They also have juices, and you can even create your own, with an array of fruits and veggies. They have wheat-grass as well. They also make green smoothies as well-- with spinach, which you cannot taste at all. These are great quick meals for a little one. Well, and big ones, too! They also have juices, and you can create your own smoothie or juice.

They have some lunch items, but I've only tried a few. The menu varies and generally consists of salads and platters. I enjoyed the Humus platter and tabbouleh salad. It was made with quinoa rather then bulgar. I enjoyed it, but I love the smoothies and juices best. I'd rather drink my lunch at Gaia. However, I am looking forward to sampling new menu items as they appear. Oh, and the coffee is roasted in-house. I've been enjoying the Guatemalan, it's just a little fruity and not too heavy-- just perfect for this time of year.

In the back there is a kid-friendly space. Honestly, there are very few places I can take my three year old in Carlisle, but he's relaxed and comfortable at Gaia because he feels welcome. They are getting reading to open the back porch as well will have outdoor seating I think as early as next week. Free Wifi! Evening hours may be in the extended forecast, too! Yay Gaia!

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