The Donut Cooperative

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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WOW!! The donuts at this place are to die for (they have vegan and non-vegan)! You must check it out... There really aren't many places that offer such tasty handmade vegan donuts, and especially not ones made with whole organic ingredients locally sourced. I really liked the variety of interesting flavors offered and the donuts themselves were crunchy and soft.

My only complaint would be that the small size of the space meant they had somewhat limited seating options...but I only had to wait a minute for seats to open up, so it wasn't that bad really.

Great atmosphere, nice people, good coffee and donuts from heaven. I will definitely be going here any time I'm jonezing for a donut fix!

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I had the holiday spice, coconut, and chocolate glazed vegan donuts. The coconut was by far my favorite. It's been a long while since I've had any donut, and I've never had a vegan donut before so I can't really compare it to anything, but overall I thought they were pretty good and will definitely bring others here. I also took an Italian vegan sandwich with "rinotta" to go which was really delicious and decently priced.

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I tried three kinds of donuts and enjoyed them all. The flavor on each of them was subtle and tasty. The insides were a bit dry and tough for donuts. I talked to one of the workers, and he said they use whole wheat flour and other healthy ingredients. I'll probably go back here to try more. The atmosphere was pleasant and the service was friendly and enthusiastic.

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** i have to change my review, sigh.

i've had three rounds of donuts since my last review, and sadly, the quality diminished further each time. on my last visit they had hit an ultimate low, my donuts were small, greasy, and hard as bricks on the outside, and due to them being 'topped' while still hot and oily, my powdered sugar donut was a sticky cold mess. i also seems to only go on days where the vegan options are pumpkin pie filling, sugar, or cinnamon sugar- where are the magical donuts featured in images on their facebook page?

original review:

i had my first of many vegan donuts yesterday, and long story short- i think they're great! i have a full review here:

i had a vegan apple cinnamon, and vegan pumpkin cinnamon donut. both were light, crisp, airy, and fresh out of the fryer. until they get their supply and demand ratios down (just opened a few days ago), you can expect a 10-20 minute wait during peak breakfast hours on the weekends. they also coffee and have grab and go sandwiches. the vegan banh mi sandwich had far too much rice vinegar on it, but i guess when your specialty is sweet pastries you have to expect these things. the coffee was great but the inexperienced barrista was holding up the line a little. i'm looking forward to trying each and every vegan option, so hopefully these ladies hold out longer than their predecessor, cake eater bakery.

There is no storefront yet, so you have to order donuts for delivery from The Donut Cooperative. I would recommend waiting until they have a storefront so you can try their vegan donuts one-at-a-time. Otherwise, you have to order a minimum of 2 dozen donuts (one flavor per dozen) at $18.00/dozen with an extra delivery fee. To be blunt, it's not worth the price. A couple of vegan friends and I went in on an order and we got a dozen of the vegan vanilla-glazed and a dozen of the vegan chocolate-glazed donuts. The vegan donuts we got were quite small, tasteless and the consistency of a drier chewy bread (not cake, if that's what you're thinking). I think they are still doing market research and thus may still be working on the recipes. I am only writing this into the guide to save other vegans some money if they were considering making one of those minimum $44 delivery orders before the storefront opens.

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