Abyssinia Ethiopian Restaurant

Memphis, Tennessee


rating star

Delicious! Yes, there's only one vegetarian item on the menu, but that one item is a platter of about eight different things. This is exactly what I expect from an Ethiopian restaurant. As far as the service goes, it wasn't the fastest. Make sure to close your menus when you're ready to order. He came right over once we did that. The food my mom ordered (something with lamb) was too hot and she didn't eat much of it. When we paid, he charged her only for the Dr Pepper she drank because he noticed that she didn't like it. So I would say the service was great, just not as speedy as your typical American restaurant.

Read more about my experience here: http://veganforayear.com/2apr2013.html

rating star

Tried Abyssinia tonight with 2 other vegetarian friends. Not much veggie-friendly stuff on the menu: there was only one dish we could eat, the vegetarian combo. We waited a long time (30 minutes, even though we were the only patrons) for the food, and when it came out it was cold. Wouldn't recommend it.

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