Pepples Donut Farm

East Bay, California


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Pepples is a hip cafe/coffee shop with vegan donuts and brunch (only on the weekends). The menu is small but offers all the usual stuff: pancakes, tofu scramble, etc.

I came for brunch and got a tofu scramble ($9) with spicy sausage as a side ($3).

I thought the scramble and the toast that came with it were both really solid, and much better than the brunch food I had a Souley Vegan further south in Oakland. If you're looking for vegan brunch food in the Bay Area, I'd say Pepples should be at or near the top of your list.

The sausage was tasty, but it seemed an awful lot like Field Roast to me, and nothing special (I hoped for something home-made).

At $12 you don't get a lot of food for your money, either.

The service was friendly and prompt.

If Pepples were open for lunch and if it offered more food options (how about breakfast sandwiches with veggie sausage, tofu and nut cheese on a bagel or English muffin?), it would warrant another star.

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