Demera Ethiopian Restaurant

Chicago, Illinois


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My favorite Ethiopian restaurant on Broadway! Call ahead to order the black injera if you are gluten-free; theirs is wonderful. I particularly enjoy the cabbage and carrot stew and the beet dish. Very friendly and helpful staff. Always happy here!

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We had the veggie sampler sambusa which were spinach and lentil. They were flaky and the sauce was spicy. The entree we had was a mix of six different dishes with a salad in the middle. I finally had shimbra assa! I really loved it. Definitely a fan. We had a dessert sambusa. Be warned it comes with raspberry sauce and a load of white chocolate sauce and whipped cream which I didn't realize. I was told the sambusa was vegan, so I had a few bites of it with raspberry sauce. It was also very flaky like the appetizer sambusa's. It was filled with an almond paste type thing which was the perfect amount of sweet. I give Demera a 3.5/5 stars.

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