Loving Hut

Columbus, Ohio


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This is the first incredibly delicious, and affordable vegan place I have found. My husband even loves it, and he isn't vegetarian at all. We now go there once a week. I have taken friends there, and they all love it too. The staff is so approachable and friendly, I feel like a guest in their home. I am so blessed to have Loving Hut in my city!

rating star

I went to the Loving Hut because they advertised organic cuisine.

I got there and the lovely waitress clearly stated that they were "90%" organic.

The other 10% is PURE POISON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As I left my tongue began bleeding, I was so disorientated I had to stop over at a friend's house before proceeding home, and I am STILL recovering from the poisoning.

This "restaurant" advertises as "vegan", yet offers fake animal products made from chemical processes.

Vegan is vegetable, folks!

Avoid this restaurant and all like it!

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