SM Vegetarian Buffet

Seoul, South Korea


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Tired of constantly ordering bibimbap? Ever wondered what tang-su Yuk or dong-as tasted like? Now's your chance to find out.

The highlight of this restaurant for me was that it isn't meat-free versions of western food, but meat-free versions of typical Korean meals. My meat-eating Korean boyfriend said the 'meat' dishes tasted like the originals and differed only in texture. So it was very exciting to have the chance to sample things I had never thought about eating before!

The people who worked at the restaurant were very friendly and helpful (especially when we called them because we were lost). They even seemed to speak a little English. I didn't think the ambiance was great but it was no different from a lot of other Korean-style restaurants and it did look like you could sit outside in the summer.

At 13,000 won I did think it was a little over priced, but then soy-meat is probably pretty expensive and I think everything was organic.

Perhaps not somewhere to eat on a daily basis but definitely a little unusual and worth trying at least once. I will probably be back soon with more vegetarian friends in tow!

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This restaurant is 100% vegetarian-friendly and spiritually friendly, because they do not use any meat, fish, eggs,or even wine. Few of them might contain some milk;however, most of them are vegan.
They carry many kinds of dishes including western and Asian style, which allow you to eat various types of foods. It is a good place for group gathering as well, because it has big tables inside and some outside in the garden. In case you have a dog or running children, outside area is perfect, although you might still have to watch out :)

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