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We visited the restaurant for dinner while in Seoul in Aug 2010. It is a fixed course vegan meal, you just sit down, and food starts to come. Nice place right in the heart of the Insadong area. It is about mid way between the two ends of Insadong Street. In Aug 2010, Sanchon had a type of "health food store" right on Insadong - and the sign said temple food. To get to the restaurant, you followed the little alley right next to the health food store all the way back. The food is very good, and you get many courses. There is also live entertainment on certain nights. We did not ever go for lunch, but the lunch prices were lower (so that is a good choice if you want to experience this place, but don't want to spend about 34,000WON on dinner - I think lunch was about 22,000WON).

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Excellent. Grilled the owner, and the entire place is free of any anchovy broth, meat, and dairy.

Come hungry, because the wave after wave of food automatically sent to the table will be a little intimidating.

Lunch on a Saturday was pleasant, and we had no trouble getting in as a walk-in. There is a specific order to how the dishes are to be eaten. The waitresses will urge you to eat them in the most healthful and delicious order and combination. The first items are typically a porridge and a mulkimchi (white turnips in a cold salty broth) that are supposed to be eaten together.

The dessert was fantastic: light, grease-less fried rice puffs. They were almost as good as my grandmother's.

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This lovely all-vegan restaurant is tucked away at the end of a winding alley off of the main street of the Insadong area. You do not order from a menu -- rather, each person gets a set meal of 10-15 small bowls of various vegetables and mushrooms. The food is delicious and the atmosphere terrific. The interior is mostly polished wood, with a stage in the center featuring drummers and dancers. For a special night, it is worth the somewhat high price.

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