Homemade Goodies by Roz

Philadelphia Metro, Pennsylvania

Kosher, non-dairy bakery

Coffee/Tea/Juice, Grocery/Bakery/Deli

Famous for its vegan cupcakes, but not entirely vegan (many items contain egg or have egg-wash, the latter of which is sometimes optional).

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Homemade Goodies is a small, cute kosher bakery with a few vegan options (which is why I stopped by). The day I came they had two types of cupcakes, some type of cookie and one other thing.

None of the stuff looked appealing, quite frankly. Why couldn't they have a simple, tollhouse-style chocolate chip cookie? How about some cheesecake? Maybe a chocolate-nut thing?

I got the chocolate cupcake (~$3). It was okay, but nothing great. It was just a shade dry and the frosting didn't have any sweetness to it (in fact, it was covered in salt crystals); it tasted bland, really.

If Homemade Goodies offered more vegan options, and also had some loose-leaf teas (all they have is generic boxed tea you can get at any grocery store) it might be worth a visit.

All that said, I'd much rather go to Sweet Freedom Bakery instead. It's all vegan and much more innovative and tasty.

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Society Hill


At Lombard.


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