Sesame Seed

Danbury, Connecticut


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This place began as a Mideast restaurant, but has since expanded its menu to include all sorts of international main courses of mammals, birds, fish, and exotic sea animals. Vegan fare? Nothing more than the four standard appetizers you expect of any Mideast restaurant, but here all dreadful and loaded with salt, and the pita is only white flour. Same as its atmosphere cluttered with antiques, its menu is a step backward in several ways. Stay away.

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I've been there a couple times both of which I found the falafel to be dry and overcooked. There aren't many other vegan options. Atmosphere however is quaint and service was friendly. I have non-vegetarian friends who really like their food.

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I've only been here two times, but I was not impressed.

I won't get into detail about the food or service, mostly because my experiences were not particularly memorable.

From what I do remember, the food is what you'd stereotypically expect vegan food to be.
Vegetables, hummus, pita bread...a real lack in flavor and uniqueness.

Several of my friends always bring up this place because it's one of the rare places in Danbury with vegetarian options. With that said, no one seems to have had a particularly great experience there.

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