Simple Joy

O'ahu, Hawaii


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Huge menu of all vegan options! A little weak with just 1 vegan dessert, but the food and drink menu make up for it. A variety of eastern and western dishes. We were told the cooks are Vietnamese, but they sure made some delicious pasta dishes! The pumpkin soup was one of the best soups I have had.

rating star

Holy kale, really? This place isn't rated yet? The interior is really simple and really really uninteresting, which would normally move me to knock off a star or at least a half, but this restaurant has a huge menu, reasonable prices and something for everyone (except those who eat dead animals). There is faux meat of all variety and lots of dishes that are all vegggies. It's sort of one of those places you have to go to if you're here seeking a veg restaurant. You'll leave full with some money left in your wallet. Nothin' wrong with that.

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