The Stand Natural Foods

Orange County, California


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Open for 40 years, this totally vegan place has both a progressive and nostalgic ambiance. With surprisingly large portions at pleasantly low pricing and a stone's throw from the beach, we felt refreshed and satisfied.

Veggie Army

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Everything there is fresh and well made, and there's loads of choice. Portion sizes are pretty generous too. I'd have loved to have tried there 100% fruit ice creams, but we were just too full after our main meals.

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I am obsessed with The Stand. I crave it all the time and it is located in beautiful place right across from the beach. The Vegetable Salad, Hummus Bowl, and mango non-dairy yogurt are really good! Everything is good! I love it!

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We have now eaten here a few times, so I thought I would post my review. I really want to love this place, but some of the food just really lacks flavor, and much of it just seems the same. I get that they only use a few select ingredients, trying to keep things simple, and limit the use of salt, but sometimes I need a little more when dining out. I feel like I could make all these dishes at home. The Stand is not a bad option, and we will probably eat here if we are in Laguna, or after a hike, and want a casual vegan meal, but I do not see myself seeking it out when there are other options in Orange County for a more flavorful meal and a nicer dining experience. I am still giving it four stars.

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My Favorite around. Really good Food for sure. If you know that you can park in back or on the side it helps. A great Menu and great service. Fresh and affordable. Walk to the beach after you eat and enjoy Health!

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This is a great place to eat while in Laguna Beach. The town itself has a very laid-back '70s feel, and this restaurant definitely specializes in '70s-style vegetarian food, before it became all gourmet and fancy (cf Real Food Daily). The items here are simple, healthy, and very tasty.

My favorite item was the hummus sandwich. All it is is hummus, avocado, bread, lettuce, and tomato, but somehow it tastes more amazing than you'd ever expect.

The only disappointment were the waffles -- I was expecting homemade but instead was presented with something store-bought from a toaster. However, the fruit that was served on top was outstanding, some of the most flavorful fruit I have ever had.

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It is so nice to have a no-to-low salt place that caters to vegans/vegetarians. The food is very fresh, bargain priced, and good for you.

A few notes: do not expect anything to be warm besides their soups, the menu is all based off of a few items (not too inventive...simple beach food), and be mindful that when salsa/dressing is on a sandwich, the bread/pita can get rather soggy rather quickly -I would recommend requesting them on the side.

Ah, and parking is a bear...

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