Native Foods

Los Angeles, California


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The staff here are very experienced and friendly, and the ambience is always busy and energetic. This is the best location, better than Westwood or Ocean Park Blvd in Santa Monica. Parking is limited, but if you are patient enough to circle around a couple times, and go a block or more away, you will eventually find one. Taste wise, Native Foods offerings generally are tastier than VG, and you get more varieties too. The specials are always a good deal. The reuben is my favorite. My otjer top recommendations are the portabello mushroom burger and the Oklahoma burger. The Bowls are also very good if you don't want burgers. But leave the pizzas to kids, because for some reason, perhaps cost-cutting, they replaced their tastiest pizzas with very strange new ones that don't make any sense taste wise, but kids will dig'em. If you don't want sugary drinks, get a cup and fill it with water, then add lemon and mint leaves that are complimentary, and keeps your mouth fresh after you eat.

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