Green Cafe Vegan Cuisine

Peninsula and South Bay, California


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Green Cafe is one of many vegan Asian (often times Supreme Master) restaurants in the South Bay, but it stands out for a two major reasons:

1. It's open later than most other vegan places in the South Bay.
2. The food preparation is higher grade, more adventurous and just fresher.

We started off with an order of golden rolls (basically egg rolls, $5) which were somewhat dry on their own, but considerably improved with a light tamarind sauce on the side. The owner told us that the tamarind sauce was an experiment (see what I mean by adventurous?) and wanted to know our opinion on it. It's a definite keeper and I'm not even a huge fan of tamarind.

For our main course we had a "Spicy Delicacy" (#57 on the menu) ($9), which was soy protein stir-fried with lemongrass, chili, bell peppers and onions. This dish was great: it packed a kick and the lemongrass added an interesting flavor element. And, unlike in other restaurants (such as the disappointing Merit Vegetarian in Sunnyvale), Green Cafe is careful to not overload its sauces with corn starch, so the sauce stays light, rather than gooey.

We also had an order of curry fried rice ($9) which was really tasty and made with coconut milk, carrots, peas and fried tofu bits.

The portion sizes were large on both dishes---expect leftovers. Green Cafe is definitely a good value.

Lastly, for dessert, we had a slice of homemade cheesecake ($4) which I thought was passable, but my non-vegan friend though was better than real cheesecake. I think the dish could have been improved with a fresh fruit marinade, and maybe a twig of mint.

The service was extremely friendly and attentive. The owner was really responsive and curious to not only hear our opinion on the food, but also how she might improve; I suggested that, in addition to some Indian dishes she plans on offering, she should add some vegan breakfast sandwiches, which are always hard to find. And it sounds like she will, so vegans can now rejoice in the morning!

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