Black Cat Cafe

London, England


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Love this place! Volunteers serving delicious vegan food at really good prices. A lot of other things going on at this place, so check the note board! I got stuck here for hours, just eating more and more!

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I came here on a Sunday when there were 2 meal choices for brunch. The one I chose consisted of vegan bacon & sausage, beans, fries ('chips'), and a pancake. All tasted very good. They have an extensive vegan dessert menu, so I got the Knickerbocker Glory, which was basically a Sunday of 3 different kinds of ice cream topped with tons of sweet sauces, broken biscuits, and whipped cream. My friend ordered a slice of carrot cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream... I had a few bites of the cake and it was by far the best carrot cake I have ever had.

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Relaxing atmosphere and a good choice of food plus loads on the drinks menu. I ate the bangers and mash which was delicious!

They also had burritos, quesadilla and jambalaya as well as the traditionals like nut roast, tofu burgers and vegan cheese pie.

Good to see another vegan restaurant in London with different choices to the usual.

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