San Francisco Soup Company

San Francisco, California


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A good place to go for a quick, light lunch. I like the tomato soup (not vegan).

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I worked at One Market Plaza for a few years, and ate regularly at the Soup Company. Some of the soups (like the Vegetarian Mexican Tortilla and corn chowder) were fairly good, and the vegetarian and non-dairy options are well-marked. But they lacked side dishes, and the soup is fairly expensive. Plus the chain's owners were "featured" in the Chronicle's series of articles attacking San Francisco's chain store legislation so I've been hesitant to give them my money of late. But if all you care about is a decent cup of soup, then by all means try it.

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finally a place with veggie split-pea soup! but it is "smoked", which strikes me as unimaginative.

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