Columbus Brewing Company Restaurant

Columbus, Ohio


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There is almost nothing that's not covered in dairy or meat. I don't understand the vegan-friendly status, when they barely have one clear vegetarian option besides waffles. Being in Columbus, they should have at least a vegy burger option or one item all times without customizing it to death. I thought I was at Applebee's, they do the exactly the same thing. I don't recommend this place. I was disappointed that they make you have to ask for at least a vegetarian option.

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It is true that they don't have a huge veg section, but they DO go out of their way to accommodate. I recently went to a concert in Columbus and chose to eat here, with carnivore friends, because it was "Meatless Monday." The chef prepares a special Vegan entree each Monday, during dinner only. I called ahead, and even though they were not entirely sure what they special would be, they described a skillet enchilada that is commonly served. When we arrived, I was pleasantly surprised to be told by the server that the MM special was a mexican/jerk wood fired pizza!! It had a spicy jerk sauce and was topped with strips of seitan, corn, red peppers, tomatoes, and cilantro. I should say I was warned by the server that it was spicy, but pushed ahead because I like spice :) Well, it was spicy, in a good way...until about the 2nd piece. When she came to check on us I asked for some avocado or guacamole to cool it down, but all they had was avocado sour cream :P I was ok with toughing it out, it was no spicier than Indian food after all. However, to my joy and amazement, the server informed me that the manager was at the Kroger next door, buying me a fresh avocado!!!!!!! Talk about service!!!!! It only took him a few few minutes to reappear with a bowl of what I was guessing Wholly Guacamole. It was the perfect thing to cool the sauce down and I finished the whole pizza!!

My hat is off to the CBC for their wonderful service as well as the delicious food.

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