Soul Vegetarian - Ste Martaen

Chicago, Illinois


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I've also heard this food truck called the "Soul Veg Express."

The day I caught up with the vegan food truck is was a rickshaw bicycle...even cooler than a truck in my opinion. It was a stealth rendezvous because there was nothing about the rickshaw identifying it or the rider as being from Soul Veg Express. I noticed the rider was wearing a t-shirt, so that grabbed my attention. Then I saw the rickshaw's bumper sticker which said "Go Vegan" and I knew I was in the right place.

It makes stops all over the loop, River North and Michigan Avenue. Check their facebook page for schedule or call.

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Vegan food that travels to you!?! Everything I have had here is EXCELLENT. The food is filling, tasty and original. Sandwich/entree portions are generous and the breakfast burrito is craveworthy. Desserts are great too.

Follow on facebook or twitter and hit up when you can! Now serving lunch downtown two days a week!

Friendly on-line and in person presence as well. Can't say enough good things.

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I love the Vegan Food Truck! So tasty, good prices. Follow them on Facebook by searching "Ste Martaen"

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