San Chez Tapas Bistro

Grand Rapids, Michigan


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Secret vegan menu.

Here's the deal, once you're seated you have to tell the server you're vegan and they bring you out a special vegan menu. It's awesome that they offer a vegan menu. The trouble is, unless you know to ask for it, you'll never know they have it. It would be wonderful if they could put a small note or asterick on the bottom of the regular menu that lets customers know there is a "vegan menu available upon request" or something like that. Better yet, list the vegan items on the main menu and put a green leaf or asterick next to the items that can be made vegan. It is not only vegans who enjoy eating vegan food.

Ironically, I found out about the secret vegan menu *after* we ate. So I ordered off the regular menu that eveyone gets when they're seated. The regular menu has a pretty impressive "vegetariano" section in and of itself.

Helpful staff. Beautiful interior. Kid-friendly.

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