Indian Vegetarian Bhelpoori House

London, England


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Decent food but a little on the drab side. It doesnt have to look so cheap.

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This buffet was fairly cheap considering the amount of food. We were starving when we came and got a solid, hearty meal for less than four pounds. The flavors of the different curries all had the same generic Indian flavor but the different rices all had distinct tastes. The coleslaw was flavorful and crunchy and I did enjoy that a lot.

Unless I am incredibly hungry with nothing to eat I probably will nto come here again. If I am in that situation, this place is a great cheap vegan-friendly option.

The restaurant itself is amusing for all of the vegetarian/vegan information/propaganda on the walls. It may be preaching to the choir but we liked it.

Notes: ask for water if you want it or you might not get it. Also, use the same plate for every trip to the buffet.

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Excellent value for money. Nothing fancy just nice food at £2.95 - can you ask for more in London? Probably cheaper than a coffee in some places!
Good place to fill up on wholesome food. Atmosphere in the restaurant was comfortable - mixed variety of people ranging from couples in suits with a bottle of wine to students stopping buy for a quick fill up!
Definitely going there again, a good find.

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Almost fully vegan (ask but one dish might have dairy in it) indian food. Incredible value but the food does get a little old after a few visits.

The lassies vary in quality, sometimes good sometimes not so good. Again I tend to eat too much here, but why not??

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