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The food here was quite tasty, if a bit heavy. Prices are extremely high, but the quality of the food and its presentation justify the prices. I highly recommend trying their desserts, especially the vegan cheesecake, which is one of the best I've tried in the world.

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Friendly staff and delicious food. Recommended for a posh night out.

Note that the "three starters for the price of two" combo is not quite the bargain it seems, as the portions are smaller than for a single starter.

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In a trendy and expensive part of town, it's not cheap but it has lots of charm and is one of the first all veg restaurants in London. The food is consistently very good.

A great place to bring someone for a nice quiet meal with good lighting and atmosphere. Always have fresh flowers and a walk down the main street is always nice since it's in such a picturesque part of town.

I'm impressed that it still has a down to earth atmosphere and really nice staff (hard to find in London sometimes).

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